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What Readers are saying about “NO ORDINARY LIFE – AWAKENINGS” an inside account of marriage and diplomatic life in South Africa.


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“A must read, masterfully written, with diplomatic intrigue, political upheaval, love, passion, beauty, betrayal, murder, racial strife; a country on the brink of chaos and civil war.” – Scott Terrell, Washington

“Marriage and political intrigue can be a winning combination for an appealing and fascinating read. A true story experienced first-hand by the author about South African politics and an American marriage in a foreign country showing so ably how everyone involved matured and was affected (often painfully) by the happenings of these two unrelated events in the same time frame. They are intertwined in this often gritty, extraordinarily down-to-earth story that has you wanting more, NO ORDINARY LIFE is a page turner in every sense of the word.” – Beverly Schroeder, USDS, Foreign Service

“I was so moved by this book. It is an exciting true story depicting the challenges of interpersonal relationships during a volatile time in both history and the author’s new marriage. Such a lovely read.” Ann LeClerc, Travel Director, Washington

“Once I started reading, I could not stop! What an adventure. I felt like I was there with Mary.”Joanna Davidson, Feature Writer, The Denver Post

“This is a beautifully written memoir. Assigned to the Embassy in South Africa during the final tension and violence filled days of apartheid, Mary Byron and her husband were affected both personally and professionally by the events swirling around them. Writing with candor and sensitivity, NO ORDINARY LIFE evokes the highs and lows of that period, the impact on her and her colleagues of constant tension and worry, and the challenges in her marriage as both she and her husband become more engrossed in their work and more deeply affected by their environment. Few memoirs have captured this interplay of the personal and the historical as well as in this work.”Princeton Lyman, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa

“Engaging from beginning to end! It was a pleasure to follow Mary and Patrick from chapter to chapter as they tried to maintain order in their lives while the world of South Africa around them grew tense and violent. I look forward to the next installment as Patrick moves on to another State Department assignment and Mary evolves to embrace and influence the new location.” – Craig Schaefer, Theater and Event Director, Baja, CA 

“Even though the circumstances were extraordinary, I could totally relate to Mary as a woman struggling to keep her life in balance between marriage, career, and a world in chaos. Mary’s naivete was true for a lot of us. Seeing the brutality of racism through her eyes felt like my own awakening. How does Mary balance being gaga in love with the reality of oppression all around her? What a great read! I Loved it!”

“This is one of those priceless books that really stays with you. In fact, it is a book you find yourself never wanting to say goodbye to. From the perspective of a love-struck newlywed who (to her horror) discovers she’s being shadowed and threatened in a very real way, is riveting. When Mary ventures into one of the townships to help a group of women organize for a U.S. AID program, she narrowly escapes – and finds that her courage and character are tested as never before.

Be prepared to fall in love with these two, along with all the other extraordinary people you’ll encounter – from Nelson Mandela to Muhammad Ali. I can guarantee you one thing: once you allow this book to enter your life, you’ll never be the same.” – Ross Harrington

Enjoy this thrilling inside account ~ NO ORDINARY LIFE: AWAKENINGS IN THE FINAL DAYS OF APARTHEID ~ ebook and paperback now available on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Indie stores and elsewhere. 

You may enjoy this journey today.  Order and write a review to be featured on this website and other social media.

NO ORDINARY LIFE: Awakenings in the Final Days of Apartheid
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